"While the background Afro-beat music of Eme and Heteru electrified the audience. Other musical and dance acts of the evening for Achebe's celebration were the riveting Igbo masquerade dancers, such as "Oja (Ojii) Onu" "Aga ba Masquerade, and "Ijele Masquerade"-Huffington Post

"In the supercharged grooves of Eme and Heteru’s large ensemble, the rhythms of West Africa give a hip-swiveling seminar in the roots of jazz, soul and hip-hop, and the real-time magnetism of Afrobeat."-CapitalBop - Capital Bop,

"This fusion of jazz, hip hop and African beats is one of the most addictive sounds we’ve heard in a while. Join the party and experience the sound this week at Twins Jazz, one of our favorite music clubs."
"Thank you for a wonderful performance at the 2nd Annual DC Africa Festival! Your performance truly contributed to the overall success of the event! I wish you continued success as well!- " - Ngozi Nmezi, DC Mayor's Office on African Affairs
"You're right, Eme and Heteru are great! We look forward to seeing you at Africa Underground on July 13."-National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution

"Head Roc says, I work with my man Cory Stowers and the Art Under Pressure family once a month to promote the Blessed Artists/Live Performers in the DMV. Eme & Heteru are surely One of The Blessed! You Gotta See Them!"
- Head Roc, Head Roc
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