Eme and Heteru

When it comes to live music, Eme and Heteru have earned a well-deserved reputation as compelling, quality musicians and captivating performers. The band's music effortlessly joins the dots between the celebrated heritages of Nigeria's Afrobeat, Reggae music and DC's Hip-Jazz sounds respectively.
The band is no stranger to the international stage. Having featured with talent such as Kiara Arby, Haile Roots, Yellowman and Sister Carole to mention a few.

Performing recently at DC Mayor's Heritage Celebration, Eme and Heteru did what they do best- delight the crowd with exuberant music, colorful presentations and cultural diversity. After another recent performance, a tribute to late Author and Activist, Chinua Achebe's, which was held at the Mellon Auditorium in Washington DC, the band's performance was described as “electrifying”, by and

Eme & Heteru has three times headlined the popular bi-annual arts extravaganza, “ The Africa Underground” showcased by the Smithsonian Museum of African Art.

Recently selected as Atlas Performers by the Atlas Museum of Performing Arts in Washington DC (2014), Eme and Heteru's expansion into theater presentations seems a natural direction for this powerhouse of musical expression. The band continues to create material with the intention of completing a series of recordings that will include their experiences as Child Activists in the unfortunate events that took place in the Nigerian Senate regarding under age marriage. Read about these events and sign the petition here;

Eme & Heteru is:
Eme Awa-Vocals
El Ajna-Vocals
Joii King-Vocals
Sean Benton-Percussion
Sean Winters-Keyboards/Trumpet

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